Shabu I am so happy to hear that your mom is home! That is very good news! I'm also glad she does not remember the hallucinations! I agree with you. We didn't fill Daddy in on any of his either.

Your ex's saying is a good one! I think I'll make it my new mantra!

I was wondering if there is a a senior citizen's organization in your area. In Alabama, we have the Alabama Dept. of Senior Citizens. They have all kinds of programs/assistance for Seniors and their caregivers. Maybe there is a program your mom could be involved in that would give you at least some breaks during the week.

I'm glad you are getting to go visit your kids and grandchild! You gotta take care of you too! Sometimes I think, how easy it is to say, and so hard to do! Oh, there's LOTS of things I'd do for myself if I just had the time! I try to make little 5 minute moments of things I enjoy if nothing else. For instance, last summer I was able to get my flower beds weeded by just weeding for 5 minutes a day on the way down to feed the animals. Weeding is something I love to do, but I just didn't have time to spend a day doing it. Even if it was just 5 minutes, it was five minutes for ME! Hang in there Shabu!! Thanks for your great posts!

I found out yesterday that somebody besides my "good" sister and my husband does love me! My mother-in-law came out yesterday and cleaned house for me while I was at work! I have not had time to do much of anything around here because of all that's going on lately. I'm really miserable when the house is a mess. That was the best present I've ever gotten!

Peace!! Carol