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Thread: Need lift to go on back of Grand Caravan

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    Need lift to go on back of Grand Caravan

    I have an '05 Dodge Grand Caravan, unmodified. I want a lift that connects to the trailer hitch on the back of it. I'd like to use it to carry my teeny ATV 4-wheeler or the power chair or scooter I also plan to buy.

    My hitch receiver is Class III, I believe.

    I've seen these occasionally. They fold up when not in use. Have remote control thing that raises and lowers the carrier, so no manual cranking is involved.

    Does anyone have such a thing? Recommendations? Things to look out for before purchase or installation?

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    WOW. I guess that about covers it for ya Beth. wtg nurse.

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    I see these things on Ebay all of the time. Some are remote controlled electric hitch ramps. I havent really looked at them. But if I have to get a scooter (blechhh!) I would also have to have one of those for my Grand Cherokee.

    I did see one at a parking lot that an older couple had. She drove the scooter onto the ramp that was flat on the ground, got off with her walker, Then the lift went up and slid into the back of the van and then the door shut. It was cool. I was not able to ask them about it, but it was perfect for those who would have to transfer to a chair since the lift was flat on the ground. Maybe you could poke around and find some info on something like that.

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