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Thread: Sun Fusion 16 VS Spynergy

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    Sun Fusion 16 VS Spynergy

    Want to get some new wheels soon and debating between the two. Has anybody used both to compare the two? The Sun Fusion's seem comparable for a lot less cash. Also i'm on a tilite ZR so is there any issues with upgrading to either of these? I remember hearing some people had some problems with axle play with Spynergy's on tilite chairs but that was a while back. I currently have Spynergy wire wheels on my chair.
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    I worked with SUN to developed the Fusion-16. Prior to the F16, I ran Spinergy 18 spoke & LX 12 spoke wheels. My reason to develop the Fusion wheel was to make a stiffer wheel with a narrower hub that integrated with our disc brake systems. Out of that came the Fusion 16 DB (disc brake) & the Fusion 16 (everyday, standard hub).

    Thoughts on each wheel.

    Spinergy - great wheel, clean design, lightweight, robust, and virtually maintenance free.

    Fusion - great wheel, clean design, lightweight (+1 once over Spinergy), robust, very stiff, narrow hub, less cost.

    ADI website price for each with standard handrims & Kenda or SHOX tire (pair):
    Spinergy (18 spokes) - $ 450.00
    Fusion (16 spokes) - $ 340.00

    C5-6, 22+

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    What is the weight capacity for these? I weigh 235 w/o my chair.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Herco16
    What is the weight capacity for these? I weigh 235 w/o my chair.

    250 pounds

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