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Thread: physiatrist/sci physician

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    Yep, I realize this Marmalday, I only wish it were different...some experience with sci patients or background/interest otherwise would be a benefit if one could find as such, in this clinic I haven't. But then I thought, now why the heck aren't I asking my friends with an sci who they go to as a primary ~ tah dah! What can I say, sometimes it takes me awhile...

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    A physiatrist is a physician who has specialized residency training and board accreditation in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R). While all physiatrist will have some training in SCI, not all specialize in this or keep up to date. There are physiatrists who specialize in pediatrics or pain rehabilitation or brain injury or stroke for example, who may be fairly out of date on SCI care. Some may only do physical medicine (EMGs for example) or may do sports medicine or occupational health.

    You may also run into physicians (physiatrists, urologists, neurologists, etc.) who have a board certification already in their own specialty, but who have also achieved board certification in Spinal Cord Medicine. This is a fairly new board certification, and requires additional experience and training (and knowledge) about SCI as well as a special written and oral exam. If you are looking for a physician who really knows SCI, I would lean toward a physiatrist who is also subspecialty boarded in SCI Medicine.

    You can get some more information about this at this site:

    For a small fee, you can find a list of physicians in your area with additional quality information as well here:


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