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Thread: Anybody watch survivor....

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    Anybody watch survivor....

    Anybody watch survivor, does anybody want to make any predictions on what this season, or who will be the winner. I will make my prediction after tonight's show.
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    I don't know about predictions, but I can't wait to see Sugar after 3 weeks. Scratching her misquito bites, with her black roots showing... Otherwise, I think it's anyone's guess.

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    Way too soon. I was taking Jillian. What a dumbass team they are..

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    I cannot believe the first picks that were made with Gillian's team. Gillian did pick the best woman out of the bunch, but the second pick was just stupid because that lady was way overweight and I don't see how she would benfit the team. The team that won all the challenges probably won't lose any players until the merge unless Jeff changes the teams around before then.
    I think the guy that made friends with the gay guy will probably win the whole thing. That's my prediction.

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    I love Survivor...but it's too soon to predict. I laughed when the one dork busted his head open...I predict he won't last real long. Also, the super skinny ones seem to fail quickly, the Asian male, one girl and and the old guy...not enough fat reserves to stay strong.

    ....but I could be wrong

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    Why does a track and field Olympian need to be pushed up a hill? She should have gone back into training before going to Gabon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoFla
    Why does a track and field Olympian need to be pushed up a hill? She should have gone back into training before going to Gabon.
    I was thinking the same thing, then she blames it on her shoes which were sneakers and her dress. She is going to be great.

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    Agree here too, on the "olympic chumpion" , my gad " my shoes weighed a ton" WRONG, your ASS weighed a ton.
    Also, the girl kicked off could have gone a ways, but she was stupid, I mean she was the first girl up the hill, she was the strongest link on the team. Jillian was smart and went to numerous people and convinced them to boot the girl, meanwhile dummy girl befriends 1 person, duhhh.Jillian shoulda been the first to go.
    The poor young guy that got put in chg, he's gonna be a gonner soon.The physics teacher could last awhile.
    Strange choices of players on this show.

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    Why on earth do contestants show up for Survivor dressed like they do? Business suits? Sun dresses? Flimsy shoes? Why? They've all watched the show, so why do they come out of the gate unprepared?

    I enjoy the show, but the inappropriate survival competition clothing makes me wonder how much is scripted to add interest. Is it just coincidence that the attractive young women usually show up to compete in tight, skimpy clothes, bikini tops and flip-flops, rather than comfortable, athletic wear and sturdy shoes?

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    seems like more real folk type this time, and only a few actors from L.A. anytime i see in the bio 'waitress/waiter from So Cal.' i almost gag. 1st season was most authentic, imo. rudy was our home town hero!

    i'm trying to watch online right now...ugh...10 seconds of video, 4 second pause....10 sec video...4 sec pause.

    i really need a TV with cable. CBS has crap from broadcast signal strength around here.

    i hope The Professor goes a long way. The Gingers can all get eaten by hippos. that would be great TV. LOL.

    3 cheers for another season of survivor!

    woot! woot! woot!

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