This was developed at the Nov. 2003 National Family Caregivers Association Town Hall Meeting in Philadelphia.

<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Family caregiving concerns must be a central component of healthcare, long-term care, and social service policy making.
<LI>Family caregivers must be protected against the financial, physical and emotional consequences of caregiving that can put their own health and well-being in jeopardy.
<LI>Family caregivers must have access to affordable, readily available, high-quality respite care as a key component of the supportive services network.
<LI>Family caregivers must be supported by family-friendly policies in the workplace in order to meet their caregiving responsibilities.
<LI>Family caregivers must have appropriate, timely, and ongoing education and training in order to successfully meet their caregiving responsibilities.
<LI>Family caregivers and their loved ones must have affordable, readily available, high-quality, comprehensive services that are coordinated across care settings.
<LI>Family caregivers and their loved ones must be assured of an affordable, well-qualified, and sustainable healthcae workforce across all care settings.
<LI>Family caregivers must have comprehensive assessments of their caregiving situation to determine what assistance they may require.[/list]

You can get the complete text of all 8 principles at their website: (Look under Town Hall meeting).