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    Did you see......

    Anyone see 60 Minutes II on Wednesday night? They had a segment on a family that has 25 adopted children, most with disabilities of some nature, many in w/c's. The woman started out as a single parent to foster children when she was 19 years old. After she got to 8 or 9 children she met and married her husband, who happens to be c5 quad. They now have 25 children and the most organized, clean and loving home! I won't be whining for at least a week after seeing that show! It brought tears to my eyes. The father does all the accounting, shopping, and the woman (sorry, forgot names) was so calm and real. What a great, positive thing to see.

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    I wish I had seen it, Debra. I was one of eight kids myself, and my mom was one of 22. (Crazy Catholics! )In any case, it's good to have ANY reason not to whine.

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    Dear God, I wish I had seen that one too! Makes me tired just thinking about it! I can barely handle the three kids that I have....

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