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Thread: Paralyzed & Pregnant on Discovery Health

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    I see, so because you can't understand my points it must therefore mean I'm ignorant? Nice logic there! A simple internet search should help to dispel some myths and point you towards reams of articles, discussions and forums on the like. A University of Manchester faculty member recently spoke on a local broadcast about how sophisticated certain formulas now were and that they were, in his opinion, on a par. He was also touting organic options. If you re-read, you'll see that I made it quite clear that they were the words of an expert. You will find evidence of women that have had antiquated views drummed into them so hard and fast that they feel like second rate mothers when breast feeding just doesn't work out for them. They feel humiliated that they can't grapple with such a natural process, and because of the way in which such an unfair impetus has been put on their ability to do this by the very midmives and health visitors that should be supporting them, they feel as though they are failing the child. The pain and stress of the routine can leave women despondent and in floods of tears. Are you honestly denying that this can't in turn affect the baby? It can also be argued that breast feeding is much more disruptive, especially in situations where a mother expels little and the baby goes for far less time between feeds. Seriously if you're that interested, it's all out there for you. If you honestly think this doesn't go on then it seems that you might be the ignorant one. Your second point in fact suggests that you are probably the type that makes such women feel so inadequate, that's what's sad.

    As for me having a phobia, hmmm ok then - talk about missing the point! You need to delve a little deeper and understand that I'm putting different perspectives out there and not exclusively my own. I was lucky to take to motherhood fairly smoothly, as well as to have an amazing mother to learn from. A lot of women can't say that, nor do they have that support network and they should be supported in their roles - not criticised.

    Quote Originally Posted by I Care
    Just curious as to where you got this info? I read this a number of times and tried very hard to understand your points, but I can't. I find most of what you have said above, just myth stemming from possible ignorance about the subject.

    1. Kids won't die if given formula, obviously. But there are NONE that are on par with breastmilk, just not gonna happen. We are mammals, we have breasts to feed our young, God made us that way, no powder that you mix with water and put in a plastic container can even come close. Now, that is a fact.

    2. You said some mothers can't fully devote themselves to their newborn? Well...that is just sad, isn't it? If a child is left unhappy and unfullfilled, it is probably due to that, wouldn't you say?

    3. All new mothers are comes with the territory. Consequently, not having to get up to mix formula and wash bottles will give you more rest.

    4. If a mom wants to breast feed, then she needs to be aware of what she takes and eats, just like when she was pregnant.

    5. It appears you have some phobia or something .....humilitating feeding regime? breastfeeding a baby?

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    But can women in US choose between C-section and naturale birth?
    Here we can't choose and we have to have a medical condition to get a C-section. SCI is not, I have had three C-section because of contracted pelvis.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    It is definatly a choice, if you have a reason. Most times they want you to try and have natural. I was told even with my AD that they wanted to try natural this time, but with my history of previous c-section and the fact that my water broke and cervix did absolutely nothing for 24 hours, I was wheeled in to OR for the c-section with my first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    But can women in US choose between C-section and naturale birth?
    Here we can't choose and we have to have a medical condition to get a C-section. SCI is not, I have had three C-section because of contracted pelvis.
    I have heard of several celebrities who choose to have C-sections, even with their first child. I'd personally would rather have a baby naturally when I have kids. I've had so many abdominal surgeries that I don't think I could stand recovering from another surgery.

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