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Thread: please help -- i need some advice

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    Hello everyone
    as of right now everything is ok.... he cant start therapy until after his kidney stones are removed... hopefully that will be taken care of within the next couple of weeks. He tells me that he really thinks by getting out of the house his spirits will increase. I really hope that this is a start... we started to get into an argument the other night and he stopped. I think he realized that he was doing it again. Thanks for all the great advice and support.
    take care.

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    Jammer, I replied to your post in R&S before I read this one. More details have been added to the picture. You and Shabu are going through a lot of what I went through. I was a faithful, devoted wife and caregiver who was crazy about my husband. But the verbal and emotional abuse was slowly killing me. We spent thousands on therapy but things actually got worse in many ways. Like a stubborn bulldog with a bone, I was NOT going to let this marriage end. It took the intervention of family, counselors, ministers, and others to finally pry that bone out of my mouth. Under the circumstances, best thing that could have happened to me, but it was terrifying at first.

    Separation may be necessary. You need to get away from that environment to gain another perspective on your life and to heal. You're hurting. Talk to friends, a counselor, post here--you've got a lot of support and people who understand.

    God bless you. Please keep us posted.

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    Jammer: Glad to read that things are better now than a few days ago. I wonder if your husband will start feeling better after his kidney stones are removed.

    Best wishes, and keep us informed.


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