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Thread: dh very sick

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    I too am sorry that dh is having such a rough time. My bf had MSRA as well, and the delirium is pretty scary. As soon as the anitbiotics started kicking in his head cleared. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Paula, I'm so glad they identified dh's problem and hope the AB's are working quickly.

    Chalk up another stupid question for me, but what is MSRA?

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    Prolly MRSA....methycillin resistant staph aureous. It's an antibiotic resistant staph germ lots of people carry around. The problems start when it enters your system, usually via a skin break. It can enter your lungs tho (a common site is in the nasal passage). The reason it's worse than most infections is because it is resistant to most antibiotics. The big fear of course is that it will become resistant to all current antibiotics.

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    Dh was dealing with Northside pain clinic. We are now going to start using Piedmont Pain clinic and hopefully do some f/u with Sheperd. We are home and he is receiving 2 different antibotics. The Vancomycin is giving via IV 2x a day, the rocephin is 1x a day via IV. We are getting thru okay right now. Keep praying for us though. My Uncle is also dying as I write. So, when it rains it pours. One thing I am thankful for is the fact my mother in law left on Monday. I got the chance to let her know just how I felt about her. She never has done anything for Jerry, and this makes the second time in a year that as Jerry was either getting out of the hospital or a day or so later she decided she couldn't get along with either one of us. I told her that she may have brought him into this world but she sure has never been a mother to him. Especially if she can leave right when Jerry needs her most. But we are both glad she is gone, that's one less stress in our lives. Paula

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