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Thread: How do I pick him up

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    How do I pick him up

    On more than one occasion in three years my husband has fallen or slipped or just didn't make it thru transfer. In cases like that I am fortunate to have neighbors to come help me. But last night he slid off the edge of the bed and I couldn't hold him nor could I get him up. I tried everything I could think of. Finally moved the furniture and took his mattress on the floor. I wrestled him on to it and then called for help. Just happens that I had gotten a lift for my mom and they brought it over and we picked him up.

    Do any of you have suggestions? He is a quad. I tried tying a sheet around him, transferring him in levels, like on to ottoman, then up to something higher, transfer board, straight back chair.

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    Shabu, Good question!

    I'm going to lock this here and copy it over to 'Care', Here

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