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Thread: Shower commode chair advice needed

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    Shower commode chair advice needed

    I am a C-5/6 quadriplegic 37 years post injury and have been doing my bowel care laying in bed since the beginning. I have been having more and more problems with my bowels and I want to try sitting in a commode chair so that gravity will help.
    I have been looking at PVC shower/commode chairs for around $200 on the Internet. Do any of you use this type of chair? How durable are they? I will need to have a tall back model as I am fairly tall and slim.
    Also, is the Roho commode cushion the best for a boney butt?

    SCI nurse, do you know of any good commode/shower chairs for sale in San Diego?

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    The PVC ones are OK but the small wheels make them very difficult to push on carpet or over a threshold and they rust out quickly if you are also using for showers. The casters can be replaced though (you would have to do this yourself). Also, if you need a reclining type, many will not fit over a toilet in the reclined position. Check on eBay and Craig's List for used ones. I don't know a good cheap vendor in San Diego that you could not beat (even with shipping) on-line. A Roho commode seat cushion is good, but you need to be sure you get the right type for either an oval seat or square seat with oval hole, so pick your commode first.


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