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Thread: angry at mom

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    Note that this thread is 5 years old....


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    But its all so relevent, no matter how old it is. Ive been going thru the same thing with my son and our relationship feels so fragile right now. Im so glad to hear others express the same experiences that he and I are going thru. Even logically knowing the anger "makes sense", if anything like this can make sense, and knowing I shouldln't take it personally, it still hurts and it is good to know others have survived it.

    <What a roller coaster ride - > Nothing prepares you for this, does it.

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    No Nancy nothing could possibly prepare you for this ..... it's so sad that even though this thread is 5 years old not much has changed ... people are still dealing with similar circumstances and some of these situations become "classic".

    And please don't misunderstand that I'm saying that there hasn't been any progress in the research or in the science regarding sci - there absolutely has - all I'm saying is that the problems people face while learning to live with it are universal and will continue to need to be supported .. while we all wait for the allusive cure !

    ... and in the mean time that's what we're here for ....

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    We lash out at those we love the most. Dealing with a new injury takes a few years to adjust.
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    How old is your son.? Mine is 23 injured april 10,2008 quad. Oh he takes everything out on me. Sometimes i blow up on him but mostly i just ignore him. Its because he can if you know what i mean. He has to vent his anger at someone and mom is safe. My sons injury is new so he is working through allot of new feelings that he has never had to deal with before.

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    oops 5 year old thread....sorry I usually look!!
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    evansmom, just keep being there for him. Hopfully after time he will come around to how important family is. As you seem to recognize he's going through a lot right now and it will take time. You should try and get him on here, if he's not already. Just hang in there.

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