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Thread: Bowel accidents - pls help!!

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    Unhappy Bowel accidents - pls help!!

    I am having trouble with my bowel routine. I began having trouble several months ago with lower abdominal pain and frequent constipation. I had several tests done and saw several doctors to no avail. I ended up speaking with a dietician who suggested that I was lactose intolerant and should try the over-the-counter supplement to see if it would help. I have done so and it has really helped things out, only it has helped too much – I am now having random accidents!! I don't experience the pain, but this is way NOT COOL!! What do I need to do to control this problem? I have been taking 5 Senna tablets each night before my bowel program, which I do every other day. My mom is my caregiver on the weekdays and I do not have this problem when she does it. I think she is able to get me cleaned out. I have home health come in on the weekends and it doesn't happen every time but when it does happen it is when they do it. I don't know if its too much Senna or the nurse is not getting me cleaned out or if its a timing issue – my mom does the BP around 10am and the nurse does it at 8am, which has been the case for the last year and half. I've never had this problem before and the only thing I've changed is the dairy supplements and the Senna – I was taking 4 and increased it to 5 when I began having the pain to see if it helped and it did some but didn't take care of the problem. Please let me know what you think I need to do to fix this problem. Thanks!!
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    Five senna tablets seems an awful lot.....?? Ive heard that taking senna on a regular basis isnt good for your bowel, and that amount seems to be in excess.

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    Have you tried Citrucel instead of senna? A lot easier on the system.
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    Yha, decrease the senna.

    Isn't Citrucel just fiber? Where as Senna is a med to help parastisis... (movement of the bowel/lower system)

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    Bowel Issue

    My father's urologist told my dad that taking too much senna can cause your stool to turn to cement. My daughter takes one colace in am and eats her raisins/prunes and fiber filled cereal. Raisin Bran cereal is great for snacks, if you're not a diabetic. Fruit is also great, the fresher the better. Try and stay away from canned fruits. Drinks lots of water not coffee, tea, beer.
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    Five senna does seem like a lot. I would try decreasing it one tablet at a time. Go for 5-7 days before you change anything else. I would also tell you that it could be the home health person not getting you cleaned out completely. However, my advice is to change one thing at a time. The senna seems like it could be the culprit since you did increase it.


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    Im using 2 tablets of delcolex around 6 at night and then put a supositry at 12 o clock at night.i only do bowl sunday tuesday and thursday nights,that way im save for weekends atleast and can go out.Taking 2 many tablets also caused me 2 have alot of accidents.I would say reduce your talets .good luck

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    The other idea I have is to keep a bowel diary. Daily try to keep track of what you eat, your medications and bowel routine, including how long it takes to get results and whether or not your have any accidents. You might be able to see more of a pattern.

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