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Thread: shingles

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    glad to be of help. Hope that it helps your Dad, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    I just started using the Lidoderm patches for the burning feet problem. The doc told me 12 hours on and 12 off. Is that just for neuro pain or all applications? I just saw where it's been used for lower back pain and was going to tell my Dad about them. He's too stubborn to take pain meds. This is not from shingles. That only effected half his face and shoulder and thankfully no where near his eye.
    you*have*any*luch*with*lidoderm*on*neuropathic*pai n?*not*shingle*pain.**i*never*did*i*tried*the*max, *i*think*itwas*3*on*my*foot*1*dont*know*why*my*key board*is*adding*stars
    cauda equina

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    For shingles and or neuropathic pain- we use the gabapentin or prelyrica but if there is a specific localization we also prescribe the lidocaine patches(Lidex) or cream or Capsaicin cream to try. It helps some, others not.

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