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    Diabetes Question

    I am a C5-C6 quad and just diagnosed with diabetes. My question: How long after taking insulin shots does it take to notice a difference? Also, when I inject into my abdomen, I have a hard time pressing the plunger all the way. Is there some modified "pen" that I can ask for?

    Thanks for any information or advice.
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    After a shot of insulin your blood glucose levels drop within a matter of minutes. If you mean how long does it take before your average numbers drop (A1C test measures average over about 3 months) it will take a few weeks, but each day gets you closer to your target level. I would think that a quad would be elligible for a pump device so that you can avoid using the pen. The pump is filled with insulin and then is delivered below the skin with a tiny needle. You merely have to dial the number of units desired and then the pump delivers it. They are tiny, like a cell phone, and can be worn around your waist or even beneath your pants.
    Be sure to go on the American Diabetes Assoc. website. They have a ton of information available to help.

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    Thanks Eileen,

    I have no experience at all with diabetes. I will head to the link you gave me now.

    Thanks for the information.

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    Pumps are really great. I've been using one for four years. It only takes one type of insulin and the site is changed every three days or so. Much less injecting and it does all the calculations for you as long as you have your sugar number. It sounds as if you're using regular syringes right now. They also have injection pens which are real nice. You load a cartidge of insulin, twist on a needle and inject similar to the syringe. The nice thing is they're real compact and you don't need to fill it each time you need a shot.

    Since you are new to this, they probably started you out at the starter level, with the syringe. If you are able, ask to see a diabetic nurse or educator to work with you on the other options.

    I've been diabetic for 20 years and it was a real blow at first. However, after a very short time, it became routine, just like everything else. I wish you the best as you manage your diabetes. Take care of yourself and you'll give yourself the best possible chance at remaining healthy.

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    What type of insulin? There are many to choose from.Short acting or long acting or intermediate acting? They peak at different times but start immediately.
    Do you have the preloaded syringe that is set at your dose and all you have to do is push the pin device. You just need to push it in to your subcutaneous (or fat) in your abdomen so it really doesn't have to be that deep.So about half an inch and they syringes or usually half an inch or 3/4.
    The pens are a little bit shorter.

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    This is also a good site for diabetes education
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