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Thread: Looking for used an hospital bed manual or electric

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    Smile Looking for used an hospital bed manual or electric

    My son is going to school in Illinois and needs one. We are willing to pick it up anywhere from New York to Illinois. Is there Anyone who can help us out there?


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    I see these frequently on both Craig's List and eBay. Check them out for that area, since shipping can be VERY expensive. If he is subject to AD though, I would stick to only full-electric, since he needs to be able to elevate his head while he is getting more help (via phone) if he should have an acute AD episode.


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    we have a like new never sleeped in electric hospital bed

    we got this for our daughter but she never used it it has just sat here as we need a hospital crib so we are still using her hard stackton bed till we get the twin size we only paid like 175 for it as the ins paid the rest you can have it for 100 we have the mattress tooalso never used just dusty from sitting we are in ohio and could meet you somewhere

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