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Thread: No results from bowel program

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    No results from bowel program

    Last night was my bowel program and nothing but gas came out. I haven't not gone at all since I was in rehab 8 years ago. Since then I've always at least gone a little bit. My bowel program has not been going as well as it used to. Before it used to take 40 -45 minutes. Now it takes over an hour and I need a lot more dig stim just to bring it down. It's only been about 8 years since my accident and I'm only 25. I didn't think my body would start to fall apart this fast. My bowel schedule is every other night. Do you think I should try again tonight or just wait till tomorrow?


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    Try again tonight. Eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water.

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    Try tonight. Consider yourself lucky that it's been going well for 8 years.

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    Maybe things are semi stuck- take a mild laxative and then later do bowel program.


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