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Thread: Its Been Real

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    Its Been Real

    I just wanted to thank all you guys for your support and your help. You have been a real resource for me with everything SCI related (and not, I have appreciated every piece of advice that has come across this board. I just wanted you to know this.

    But now its time to move on. I am no longer dating my (now) ex. So, I guess coming here anymore would be pointless....

    I just wanted to let you guys know how valuble you all are. Thank You Again.


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    Sorry to see you go... hope everything goes well for you from here on out.

    "Sometimes, its enough to plant the seed, walk away, and let the flower grow on its own."

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    Ms Scarlett, your post caught my eye, and I wanted to respond because we're in similar situations--I also noticed that we share the same birthday 6/25!

    I was married to a quad for 16 years. The divorce is about to go through. I joined this site 2 years ago, first, for medical information and guidance, and then subsequently for all the support and encouragement that I desperately needed. After we separated, I too felt like I needed to move on, cut ties, etc. Dr. Young reminded me that I was a member of the community and always welcome. I'm glad I stayed because CareCure has continued to help me in countless ways, even as an AB woman.

    Like Dr. Young pointed out to me, your experience with sci and the bonds you have made here will always be w/you, but you have to make the decision whether to use them or not. You can still encourage and advise others here--never can be too much of that!

    If I sound preachy, I don't mean to. (Bad habit of mine.) Just wanted to know that I know how you feel.

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    "Wind at your back" Scarlett .... I understand why Martha stays and I understand why its time for you to move on .... thanks for your contributions here Scarlett!!

    Be Well!

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    I echo Obi and everyone else - good luck to you, Scarlett, but please do check in and say hi, and join us for a cup of 'virtual coffee'!

    If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. - Mother Teresa

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    Why is it so hard to stop looking at the Cure forum and the Care forum? I keep hoping that I will find some information that my ex will need, but I dont want to care about it/him anymore...Yes, I care about a cure. That will never change now. I think that once a person with a spinal cord injury enters your life, no matter what, all you want is for that person to be able to walk again, or at least have b&b function...something. But I keep thinking about what a great resource this place is and I keep checking here to see if I find some random bit of info to help him out, but then I realize that we are not living together anymore....I guess what Im saying is that its hard for me to stop caring, even if he has. Thanks for listening to my rant...I appreciate you guys more than you know.


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