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Thread: Dr. Young, Please Explain my MRI report

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    Dr. Young, Please Explain my MRI report

    I have been participating in pain management programs for a couple of years now, and all I ever seem to get is more painkillers. This is my most recent MRI report, and I was hoping I could get some explanation of what this means, and what course of action I may be able to take.

    Bones: Marrow signal age appropriate. No focal lesion or compression fracture.
    Alignment: There is loss of disc height at the L3/L4 level. The remaining vertebral bodies demonstrate slight lateral curvature
    Conus medullaris: No abnormalities.
    Intervertebral discs: Evaluations of the individual levels demonstrates the following: At the L1/L2 L2/L3 L3/L4 there are slight posterior bulges present. At the L4/L5 level there is a mild diffuse disc bulge with a tiny left foraminal disc protrusion. At the L5/S1 level there is a right paramedian disc protrusion flattening the ventral aspect of the thecal sac with a moderate sized right paracentral/neural foraminal disc extrusion. There is a narrowing of the bilateral lateral recesses and contacting the descending right S1 nerve root. The right broad based paracentral foraminal disc protrusion is causing severe narrowing of the right foramen and contacting of the right L5 exiting nerve root.
    Facet joints: There is mild hypertrophy observed.
    Soft Tissues: Within normal limits.

    L3/L4, L2/L3, and L1/L2 show slight posterior disc bulges. L4/L5 level minimal diffuse disc bulge. L5/S1 diffuse right paramedian disc protrusion flattening the ventral aspect of the thecal sac with a right paracentral/neural foraminal disc extrusion contacting the descending right S1 nerve root and contacting the right foraminal L5 exiting nerve root.

    Any information would be helpful, it is all very confusing to me and I've had several different MRI's with different results and numerous doctors with different reccomendations. Please Help. I am 28 years old suffering after 2 auto accidents in 2 years and a slip & fall incident at work. I feel I am too young to have these diagnoses, and am very afraid of surgery.

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    I would say the obvious pain is most likely coming from the pressure on the L5 S1 nerve roots- you need to have a consultation with a neurosurgeon . Try taking NSAIDS such Naproxen 500 twice a day or Ibuprofen 800 three times a day with food. This at least cuts down on some of the inflammation from pressing on the nerve. Narcortics do nothing for the cause of the pain.


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