Dr. Young, Thank you very much! You make my day! :-)

Lynnifer, I do feel for you in every way. Anyway, Karen's mom has already said what I want to say to you. You are incredibly strong, your courage deserves our support and respect.


From your previous posts regarding wheelchair basketball, I have already noticed that you are such a devoted father and your great love for your son is enormous. I recognize your great love in my own husband's love for our son Richard as well.

From time to time, he will vent - the feeling that he can't stand this anymore - to me only but not to any one else. Unfortunately, most of the time, he chooses the wrong time to do so, like before sleep or in the middle of sleep. Then I will say, "I'm sleepy, let's talk about it tomorrow." If he chooses the right time to talk, like when he wakes up in the morning, I usually, deliberately, try to maintain a very strong and positive posture and offer him the best encouraging words I can. After he had committed the same mistake over and over again, I told him the honest truth - that if he started this conversation at the wrong time, I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore, coz his words would awaken the weakest part in me.

I have also seen him cry so painfully, the only one time in our entire acquaintance, after hearing the first doctor ever to tell him that his son may never walk again!

Best wishes to all of you