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    Debra, I find it comforting in a way, when I read posts from family members, especially brothers and sisters of those who have had an injury. I have read messages from a few sisters (including yourself), with so much love and caring, eagerly trying to understand and seek information to help their sibling. The devotion to your brothers and sisters is amazing. It's funny in a way cuz when we are growing up, we nearly kill each other fighting, seeming to hate one another at times.

    Im not really sure what point, if any, I am making here, but just wanted to say that I am truly touched when I see sisters (and brothers too) showing so much care and interest in helping their sibling get through this difficult time. I think some of this comes from my sisters not really showing interest in knowing whats going on with me, how I'm doing or even learning anything about SCI, when i was injured. I have a good relationship with my sisters, my younger sis helping me alot, but they (incl. my parents) do not really know much about my SCI or how I've dealt with it over the years.

    Anyway, Just some thoughts.

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    chick, you are so cool. and so right, my brother and i fought hard at times in our lives. i remember, in high scool, both brothers would try to make me walk behind them or avoid me entirely( this is pretty funny, considering our high school was only 300 people and everyone knew everyone else!) we were both good dancers and i would have to pay him to dance with me-he didn't like to get sweaty before he connected with a chick!! man do we laugh about that now. he has promised me the first dance now. and no i wasn't a dog , just a sister! i don't remember how many girls i had over for overnights so he could get to know them, and how many of his roomates i hit on! we were air force brats, moved around alot, great parents and now we are the only ones left so that may explain our relationship. plus, he is just so dam easy to be with, always ready with a smile. give your sister time, it seemed to come later that we realized how special each other is. i wonder if their avoidance could be not wanting to cause you pain or interfere with your independence. by the way, are you a counselor by trade? you sure have a way with words.

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    Debra, you are so funny! You had me literally "laughing out Loud"!! . I always wanted a brother and your tales just reminded me of that. Im imagining you being made to PAY your brothers to dance with you! LOL
    Seems like you guys have a pretty good deal goin on too with pimpin your friends out to each other
    Isn't it funny, that those silly things we do as kids are some of our most treasured memories? About the dog thing.... My younger sister swears I used to make her bark like a dog under duress. I plead the 5th, because I do NOT remember that!

    You know, I get along with both my sisters (I'm the terrible middle child), my younger sis helping me when I need. She's been great. I don't think anyone in my family was really able to relate to the situsation and in many ways, my sisters removed themselves from it. It's when I came to the point where I decided that I needed to accept the fact that they (family) were not going to understand- not that they didn't want to, but because they just couldn't or didn't- that the relationships became more tempered and a bit less stressful.

    Anyway, Thanks for the laughs. Your brother sounds pretty cool. You are pretty cool yourself . I'm sure that you will have a beutiful dance.

    Ps. I still need to redeam my chocolat chip cookie with macademia nuts if I'm ever in your neck of the woods. BTW, make that with a nice hot cup of your famous coffee!

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    The CareGiver Forum in my opinion should keep the name and not have it changed to anything else.


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