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Thread: ? Re Name of this Forum

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    clipper, that is a good idea. I just changed the subtext so that it is more inclusive. Thank you. Wise.

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    Kate, Vicky, Marmalady, Kath - I agree with all your posts. I don't really care what this Forum is called. I just know I love it.

    I have come here for the last two years, mostly just reading your posts, and I feel that I know you all. It has helped and comforted me to see that others are going through the same emotions as I have - sadness, fear, anger, being overwhelmed with everything. It has truly helped me a lot to deal with this 'unwanted intrusion' into our lives.

    I don't want this Forum to change. I just don't care what it is called. Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt posts over the last two years. You will never know how much it has helped me. Thank you.


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    Well, I just figured out why this topic spiraled so -

    Mercury has been going into retrograde this past week, and Mercury rules communications and language difficulties! So we can blame it on the stars!

    Seriously - I hope this is all resolving itself; Wise set this forum up originally for family, friends, and caregivers, and it just seemed logical at that time to call it 'caregiving'.

    This forum has become a place where all of us involved in the lives of our loved ones, no matter what the level of care, can come to share - our lives, our frustrations, and our feelings and thoughts. It's become a place where people can find other people who know how they feel when going through a rough time, and also know how a seemingly small event can make or break a day. A place where a person can 'vent', and find people who have been there, and understand things like Vicky mentioned 'mind numbing weariness'.

    To you 'lurkers' (!) who have posted here in this topic, we'd love to have you join the club, and welcome.

    To those 'seasoned' members, you have all become my sisters and brothers.

    To Wise - Thank you for changing the description!

    I continue to hope that this forum provides sanctuary for those who need it, friendship for those who want it, and information for those who seek it.


    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Amen Marm....I love the word Sanctuary its like a cloak of comfort to me when I hear it! I feel the same way about you all too!!

    P.S I believe I wrongfully used the term "Cargivers" earlier.... I stand corrected. "Caregiving" definitely suggests a broader invitation covering many different aspects of living life with SCI! Sorry! I really can't imagine facing some days without this forum to go to at the end of the day (or the middle, or the beginning) Let's all remember to ...stop...and just breathe more often! Be well everyone!

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    I feel very hurt and attacked for my joining in on this conversation. I think it wasnt warrented, as I feel I was very open and held no hostility. I was just giving my personal feelings on this board, in no way attacking the support network some of you have created.


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    Moody, I'm sorry you feel this way. I don't think that was anyone's intent -- just a lively debate. And if any of my comments contributed to your feelings, please accept my sincere apologies. It was not intentional nor personal.

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    I've followed this topic and been amazed at the passion people express regarding the choice of a forum name. It made me realize something. When I came to carecure, I must not have felt safe posting on Life or other forums. Due to SCI demographics, they are male dominated, and were even more so 2 yrs. ago. I identified this as safe haven, even tho I have the SCI. I posted here when Christmas dinner burnt up, when my friend Patti died...I felt warmth and caring from you all. And you never treated me harshly or suggested I post somewhere appropriate. For that, I thank you. What a blessing to find a safe spot when you need it...

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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    Originally posted by MoodyMcMoody:

    I feel very hurt and attacked for my joining in on this conversation. I think it wasnt warrented, as I feel I was very open and held no hostility. I was just giving my personal feelings on this board, in no way attacking the support network some of you have created.
    I don't think anybody was attacking you, Moody. Like you, everyone was giving their personal feelings. Exchanging ideas is part of what CC is all about.

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    Moody - I'm sorry if you felt you were being ostracized here; that was not my intent, and I'm sure it was not the intent of the other posters.

    You are welcome on this forum as you are on any other, in whatever capacity you wish to be seen in. We've got input here from all members of the community, and the door is open for you as well, if and when you should decide to visit here.


    PS - Sanctuary - hmmmm - I like that - maybe we should call the forum 'The Sanctuary'?

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    hey bethany, i was interested to read your last post on this thread. because i am the sister and sole caregiver for jim who is c 5-6 and tbi i have sometimes felt maybe i shouldn't post in LIFE or other departments. so, caregivers gave me a place to start feeling comfortable. i don't think it was the name of the department, just the warmth of the members and kind responses. so, bethany, see i'm not so crazy after all! others have had feelings like mine! i usually share with my brother if a hot topic evolves, since with his tbi he hasn't started posting yet. in fact, being the tough old broad that i am, i actually told myself that i joined to get him started and find peers he could join in with----yeah right! some of my closest friends are here at care-cure, they just don't know it. debra

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