Kate posted some excellent thoughts in the 'introductions' topic; I thought they merited a topic of their own. Here are Kate's thoughts:

"Jackie, I've been thinking about the name of this forum since I first looked at it . . . I love the forum, the exchange of stories, the way we can hook up so effortlessly, the way I can be sure you all will know what I mean. But (as I've told you a boring number of times!) I've never thought of myself as a "caregiver"--and for months I resisted joining the forum for that reason.

If your injured loved one is independent, how can you call yourself a "caregiver"? All of us know what that term can imply: transfers, ROM, B&B, dressing, etc. I think that there are for sure emotional/psychological issues all family members face-but quite a few of us aren't caregivers.

We're spouses, siblings, parents, significant others of independent people who live with disability. The name of this thread should be changed. IMHO"

Tough times don't last - tough people do.