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Thread: Cold Sweat

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    The sweats are an autonomic problem that comes from the body not being able to adapt to the environment after a sci. Most people will tell you that they go away after a year or so (some consolation, I know). Probanthine does work and helps to keep you dry, but also dries everything, including your mouth. You need to weigh the pro's and con't and see if the drug is worth the possible side effects.

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    do you have constipation after taking that medicine?


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    Quote Originally Posted by keps View Post
    I sweated profusely every time I lay down for months after my injury. There was no apparent cause - just lying down. So most nights the bedclothes had to be changed as they were so wet. It made me so miserable.
    I found probanthine (propantheline) worked brilliantly for me. It totally stopped the excesss sweating. The one side-effect I got was a dry mouth, but it was really worth it.

    The sweating just stopped after some time. I don't know why.
    did you have constipation after taking the medicine?


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    The swats come together with high blood pressure?

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    Most on anticholinergic- oxybutynin, Detrol etc.. loose the sweating. Others - if NOT -related to AD or increased can be part of the autonomic component of SCI. And yes those meds do make your stool more dry and increase in stool softeners and increased water , fiber etc. to overcome this.
    Check blood pressure, x-rays and work up first before just starting on a new med.
    Keep a log of your blood pressure and what you did and meds before that so MD can look at.


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