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Thread: Cold Sweat

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    Cold Sweat

    Is there somebody out there that has over come the cold sweats?. I am having no luck and the winter is almost here. I sweat where I soak my shirts just by sitting in my wheelchair and when I sleep at night I soak the whole bed. Please any info will be great.
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    Cant wait to hear the answers to this question. My son has been sweating for 5 months too. He doesnt sweat when he lays down tho, Just sitting in his chair. But he is miserable along with it. He cant even put it into words for me to understand what he is going through, just says he feels like shit. Had an MRI and it was ok. Sept 30 is his dr. appt. If he finds anything out that sounds like it might help you out, Ill post back.

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    uti,pressure sores,kidney ,bladder stones,constipation ?to name few...
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    Sweating definately was a pressure sore symptom for me (was always soaked, mostly of right half of body). Try taking tylenol. If the sweating goes away temporarily then it may be that your body is sweating due to pain somewhere that you can't feel. This could also explain why it goes away for Jesse when he lays down (but maybe he just needs a new cushion). Have someone look very close for pressure sores and try changing position more often to see if it reduces the sweating.

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    I'm also a T4 and for about the first 2 years of my injury I used to sweat profusely because of the cold (and strangely did not sweat much during the warmer months). Both day and night but perhaps a bit worse during the day - very heavy sweating all across my back and underarms and my thighs - it was really really uncomfortable and drove me mad. I spent my time changing my clothes or sitting with a hairdryer on hand to dry myself off! And at night I often had to change the sheet or spread a big towel across my legs to soak up some of the sweat. It was suggested to me to take a pill (forgot the name) to help dry up my sweat glands but the side effect could have been damaging to kidneys so I never took it.
    And then, towards the end of my 2nd year of injury the sweats just stopped. I now sweat relatively little, either in the cold or the heat.
    I see you were injured in 07 so perhaps your sweats may come to an end soon. I hope so.

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    Same. Sweat early after injury all the time. Usually laying in one position too long. Then it became better with time.

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    Does your spazms seem to increase when your cold sweaing does?
    I ask because Cold Sweats and Increased Spasm are a good sign that your body is experencing Pain or Discomfort somewhere below your injury point. It ranges from something minor as small leg tilt to larger as consapation.

    Yes they will decrease in time once you learn the signs your body send when something is wrong. The first Few years I was showing in sweat 24/7 (which is good when one dosn't have access to a shower) But you and your body will adjust. The sweats will never go away but will decrease as you body heals and as you learn the signs and how to deal with them. Def Try different chairs, and Leg/Body Positioning. It takes some expermenting to find the problem.

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    I sweated profusely every time I lay down for months after my injury. There was no apparent cause - just lying down. So most nights the bedclothes had to be changed as they were so wet. It made me so miserable.
    I found probanthine (propantheline) worked brilliantly for me. It totally stopped the excesss sweating. The one side-effect I got was a dry mouth, but it was really worth it.

    The sweating just stopped after some time. I don't know why.

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    I also had cold sweats for about a year, mainly when I was cold, t-shirts etc. soaking wet, extremely uncomfortable, but it stopped for no reason; never ever had it again. I think that is some dysregulation of the bodies temperature household due to the SCI and it sounds like there is great hope for you, gingerbreadman, that it will stop after a while.
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    As others have said. it is true for me too. I am 1 yr 3 mos post and have just recently stopped sweating during the day. I still sweat in bed(although not as much) but find that taking propantheline @ night takes care of it. Get your doc to write you a presc. It's not expensive.


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