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Thread: Look who's visiting me!

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    Quick,smash it with a branch!

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    You better start collecting branches, Shaun. They're headed your direction and there are bunches of them this year!

    Fun to watch them chase each other. Maybe mating behavior? Remind me of dolphins playing.

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    I was expecting to see a cc member who came bc you were having a hard week.
    Oh well a butterfly will do.

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    Always beautiful to see, glad you're getting to enjoy them.
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    nature is healing. that's why i live in the woods

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    I took this from my front porch recently

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    LMAO! I had this idea while I clicked on this thread I'd see McCain's face here.

    Beth, what kind of camera do you use?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun
    Quick,smash it with a branch!
    Aww! You seriously kill butterflies, man? I think they're beautiful insects. They're few one of the many insects I can admire.

    Papillon éphémère (Butterfly ephemeral)
    Aux ailes de verre (with wings of glass)
    Prisonnière du fil (Prisoner of the string)
    De vos secrets (of your secrets)

    Papillon qui espère (Butterfly which hopes for)
    Juste un peu de lumière (just a little light)
    Pour sécher ses couleurs (to dry its colors)
    Au feu de vos désirs (with the fire of your desires)

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