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Thread: Opinon on Air Pulse-PK cushion

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    Opinon on Air Pulse-PK cushion

    I'm Joel from S.C. & new to the site ... looks great for info, though!
    Anyway, I'm a C-7 Tetraplegic w/hands ('81). Dropped by dentist. Resulted in a Stage-IV ulcer. Flap ('00). Recurrent ulcers eventually resulting in another Stage IV. Debridement ('08). Finally closed up w/wound vac & Clinitron bed.
    Cannot get back on Roho. Wrecked shoulder so can't do pressure-reliefs.
    Found Air Pulse-PK cushion by Very Pricey ... $2.5K
    but seems to be what I need (really, need to sit on a cloud!).
    Great site and 'atta boys! from Shepherd & others.
    Although I work from Blue Cross, having a tough time getting them to medically approve.
    So, "school me!"
    Whadda you think about it?
    How do I get THEM to approve/pay?
    HELP ME!

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    Hey Joel, Max from Texas,, I have had a Air Pulse PK for about 6 months and I love it.

    Had a stage 4 ischial (sp) pressure sore and it is the reason we ordered it. While waiting for it I had another sore open up on the other leg. Both wounds are healing nicely under the out patient care of a wound clinic and the RN and Dr. there are praising the cushion for it's contribution and it keeping me from surgery.

    We are also using SeaSorb dressings on the wounds which allow for dressing changes every three to seven days depending on drainage.

    My cushion was paid for thru Medicaid/Medicare so I was very lucky. Contact Aquillacorp and discuss payment options with them.

    Get a prescription from your doctor, it will help with medical need.

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    thanks, man.

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    We have the Airpulse cushion also. It is great and also has been praised by the wound doctor. Our insurance paid for it, but we would have paid out of pocket for it if necessary. The company was actually started by someone needing this product for a family member, and they are more than helpful. Hope this helps!

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    Airpulse PK for sale

    I have an Airpulse PK hybrid cushion system for sale. I have very bony ischia tuberosities and although the Airpulse provided great pressure relief, I would "bottom out" on rough terrain and crack the scar tissue.
    I am 6 feet tall, 150 pounds. I have two 16x20 cushions with the system.
    I imagine you will have to send the control module to Aquila to be calibrated to your requirements and have them build you a custom cushion pad.
    The people at Aquila are very helpful in finding a solution to your problem.
    I will sell the system for $850 including shipping.
    Please e-mail if you have questions.

    Thank you,

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