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Thread: I have a new granddaughter "Chloe Jean"

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    I am getting baby sick. I want to be a grandmother too. Very, very cute. Congratulations
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    What a sweet blessing. Love the name. Will they pronounce the long E on the end? (I ask b/c I used to know a Chloe in a lil farm town in KS, and her E was silent. I always wanted to correct her pronunciation of her own name! )

    Thanks! Yes you say the E at the end. I would've wanted to do that too. lol

    Thanks everyone!
    I was there when she was born yesterday.
    I'm having withdrawals today.
    So I'm going back tomorrow. ha!
    Went to the store for flowers & ribbons.
    My pca will make her a bouquet tonight for me to take.
    She's my 11th grandchild from 3 daughters. 8 girls & 3 boys
    She smells heavenly! She's a real good baby.
    Thanks! I'm excited!

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    I'm happy for you Mona. I love babies too.

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    My MIL used to say "You can't beat babies." It always cracked me up. She meant you can't do better, but I always thought it sounded like she meant w/ a flyswatter or something.

    It's true. You can't beat babies!

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    congrats on the new member of the family

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    Congrats she is so beautiful
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    Congrats Mona! Have fun being a born-again grandma
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    What great news, enjoy the baby and XXOO to her.

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    Congratulations Mona.

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    She's beautiful. Congrats!

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