I've Been Injured 3 Years This Month, I'm A C5 Complete. I've Lived With My Mom Since Then And She Usually Takes Care Of Me On The Weekends And Caths Me Once Or Twice At Night. She Also Helps Me With My Daughter Too, Whos 5. This Has Really Strained Our Relationship. It Would Appear That We Hate Eachother, But I Feel Guilty And Shes Burnt Out. I Recently Fired My Caregiver So My Mom Took The Time Off Of Work To Be With Me. Its Been A Week, All We Do Is Fight. As Of Today, She Said I Have Til The End Of The Year To Get My Own Place, Figure Out A Caregiver Situation, And Take Care Of My Daughter Alone. Im Scared And I Feel Really Alone. I Have No Idea How To Begin This Process. I Need Suggestions And Expirience.