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    I'm not a caregiver but enjoy this forum.I notice most of you are parents of a child with an impairment.Most want their child to attend college.Yes,this is a great way to enhance one's chances for employment,however if your child was an average student,he or she may not be cut out for college.Most jobs in your communities do not require a college degree.Yes,most can be done by one in a w/c with reasonable accomodations.New Ticket to Work legislation removes many disincentives from work.Educate yourselves on this law and make it work for your child!! Unless your child is set for life financially,employment will allow them to have a greatly improved quality of life.Sure,they will have health and SCI problems,but they will have them whether they work or not.Sorry for intruding on your board,but I shudder to think what my life would have been like had my parents not expected me to work.I've wheeled for 35 yrs and worked full time for 27 yrs.

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    it's been two years and a bit and i could not see myself work again, i know that it would only take time to get me back into the work idea, figure out what i would like to do and want to do it for 40 hour's a week but that alone makes me feel tired LOL< i make my days go buy keeping busy and doing things but to work again where would i fine anytime for the thing i need to do.

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    Work is an individual choice.It's only been 2 yrs post for you.As your coping skills improve,you may look at things differently.You will build up a tolerance for sitting all day by doing it.In all honesty,those with high quadriplegia will take longer to build up stamina and have much more limited career choices depending on their individual cognitive abilities.I'm just letting the people on this forum know that there is a lot of promise for their children's future if they demand that disability laws are enforced.As for you,you are tired anyway,why not be tired from working.You will have more money and possibly good health insurance.Don't underestimate the socialization employment provides.

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    Hi, 611, and welcome to the caregivers forum; please don't ever feel you are 'intruding' on this board! As with the other forums in CareCure, as long as anyone is 'gentle and respectful, they are as welcome to post here as in any of the other forums.

    And thank you for the post, and the words of encouragement. I'm sure it's something all the caregivers here have thought about.

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    611, great post, great advice.

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