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Thread: Ever sit in the chair?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickelo View Post
    ryan! i'll sit in it next time i promise, but not topless outside!
    Sounds like "topless inside" is still on the table, Ryan!

    If I wasn't SCI'd and a friend was, I'd totally want to try out the chair. I encourage friends to do so if I'm not in it. They usually end up tipping over backward trying to pop wheelies, even with the anti-tippers.

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    I can totally understand someones hesitation, but like it has already been said it can give them a whole new perspective. I love watching the first time someone tries driving my powerchair, it's hillarious. Actually had a friend get cocky and nearly ran himself over. He never went that fast again.

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    My situation .... Chad is a high level quad, and so his chair is chin controlled. As a result, there's no way I would drive the chair - then or now. His current chair cost $42,000 - and I'm not kidding. Sorta like letting a teenager loose with a Lambghorbini ... just don't do it!

    When we first met, 6 years ago, I didn't want to sit in his chair. I dunno why, but it kinda weirded me out, plus its SO complex and scary looking that I was terrified I'd ruin it somehow. So, I just never did. He also has a manual chair too, for when he absolutely has to use one, like getting into inaccessible places. I used the manual chair as a wheelbarrel of sorts, I'd load the groceries onto it, wheel it into the house, and be done in one or two trips - at Chad's suggestion. That was no problem for me.

    Then about a year ago, I broke my foot. I could put zero weight on it for a couple of months, and with a totally dependent husband and small child, this was not a good thing. I had crutches of course, but I could do nothing useful with them, everything from giving the dogs water to bringing dinner to the bedroom was out of the question. So I used his manual chair. I was shocked at how HARD it is!!!!! And I could do stuff like move my legs, and feel my feet, etc. I quickly found new respect for wheelers.

    I'd still never sat in the powerchair though. But then we were at the hospital, chad was admitted and there no chairs to sleep in, just a cheap conference room type chair. And I was exhausted. I couldn't squeeze into bed with him, and the other choice was sleeping on the floor .... uhhh, no .... so I finally gave in to Chad's suggestion to sit in his chair, lean it back and sleep in it. I did, and it was very eye opening. It is VERY comfortable! I guess it should be. We have similar body shape and size more or less, so it fit me pretty well. Since then, I'll sometimes sit in it to read out loud to my son, or to watch TV because its so comfy. But generally I stay out of it because of the risk of breaking it somehow - and the consequent cost of fixing it. However, I'm not weirded out anymore.

    But I do have to drive it alot, to move it from the bed to the corner of the room at night -I have finally learned to use the chin control, but I do it with my hands, I don't drive with my chin. Just don't ask me about that big hole in the drywall .....
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    a friend sat in my chair recently. It really disturbed me. I had to make him get out. I dont use it often, and it is just around, so a handy comfy place to sit. it has not bothered me in the past if others sat in it, but when he did, I got a flash, and saw him in it for real. I still feel shudders just thinking how it wigged me out.

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    no one can really fit in my chair (well my mom and bf) because it is super narrow in the hip area. it actually doesnt quite fit me...but it doesnt bother me at all when anyone tries to sit in it, my uncle has got in my rugby chair before. I like that they get the perspective of how it feels. I chuckle when i see their navigation skills. Reminds me of learning to first use one in rehab.
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    When my son was at Craig, a friend of his was visiting so I went back to the apartment on campus. A while later, there was a knock at the door and there are two men in wheelchairs, side by side - my son and his friend. His friend wanted to spend some time in a chair so he could relate better to what Son was going thru. I call that a true bud.

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    When I was in rehab I would ask my friends to sit in my chair because I wanted to know what the cushion felt like. Some of my friends and family sit in my chair. They know they have to ask first, every time. They also know to be very careful, if I break it it is one thing if they break it they buy it. I think it is good for them to be reminded of what things are like from my vantage point. I had a friend that used someone else s chair while he was using his crutches, half way up the hill he wanted to use his legs to help push and I wouldn't let him. I told him he sat his butt in it he had to use it like the rest of us. I have never herd a guy whine so much, I ended up having to help him push up the hill because he couldn't do it alone.
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    I sit in my son's chair all the time, especially before we moved. He didn't have another chair in his room, so if he was on the bed (usually) I sat in his chair. His only request is to leave it where you found it, I wouldn't move YOUR legs. When he was still in rehab, all his friends (he was 17) wanted to try out his chair, he encouraged it because he said it made them more comfortable about the situation. I also use(d) it to help him set up his apartment, to get his view point - though he has much longer arms and can reach another shelf higher than I can.

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