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Thread: Ever sit in the chair?

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    One night I made our entire dinner from my husband's chair while he was sitting at his desk on the computer. I did it to get a better perspective on where he's stuck everyday. I have to say it was very difficult for me being at that totally different place since I'm very tall. Plus my arms hurt for two days, that's a workout!

    I think it's a good thing for people close to you to "roll a mile in your chair". It helped me alot in realizing what he goes through being stuck there ALL THE TIME.

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    I'd be afraid my chair would be wrecked!! Wrecking a $12,000 or more power chair someone relies on for their livelyhood would stress me out.

    I let someone "professional" move my adapted van which is thousands of dollars and here I sit, four weeks later, with a pending neglegance lawsuit, and a van "still" getting fixed.

    A manual chair, (maybe), but a power chair (no way!) I can't afford to "play around" with my independence.

    "I guess pain is a great motivator."- Yanni

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    My husban was admitted to the hospital from the ER, and I had to take his permobil up to the 10th floor to where he was. I could not get off the elevater!! It is harder to drive than what you think it would be. Especially when you watch him drive it with perfection.

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    Beckyb- your post made me laugh. I can totally see myself in that situation and not being able to move the chair without running into everything. I would be terrified to drive it on an elevator. My husband's chair is hard enough for me to get loaded into the van (like when we go to a relative's house with no accessible entrance and someoen carries him in, I will put the power chair back in the van to keep it secure and dry- there have been a few times I knew the chair and I both were going to hit the ground.

    Diamond Downs- Once when my husbands power chair was out of commission and he was in his push chair for a few days (complete, higher level quad with limited hand and arm function), he was complaining and constantly wanting his shoulders rubbed. After he got into bed, then I used the push chair for everything I had to do the rest of the night. Put a new perspective on a lot of things. I know if we ever build a house that there will be alot of things that I will think to modify to make his life easier.

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    If I am not in my chair, one of my two teenage sons is in it popping wheelies and doing daredevil tricks in it. It makes me crazy, but we all get a good laugh out of it.

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    I have had the same thing happen, not exactly this way but close. My friend liked it when we played around in his chair, he always told me to sit in it and try it out and his brother was always trying to learn how to pop up. I was kind of hesitant to get in and try it. I did it first in the morning when he was in the shower just to see what it felt like before I actually did it with him watching(shyness). The first time I was going around in the kitched and tried to back it back in like it was when i got in it beside the bed. I couldnt do it. I tried and tried and finally had to get out and put it back. Not so good. I did not have a dream that night or even within the next week. This has been 2 months ago and a few nights ago I had a dream that I was in a chair. It was not a scary dream but one that opened my eyes. During the dream I did stuff that I know most people dont do in chairs, I easily got out of the chair by sliding and eventually in the end of my dream I stood up and walked. My friend on the other hand did not. When I woke up right after this I was sweating and wanted to cry. That was my dream.

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    My 3 boys play around in my chair whenever I'm not in it!! I don't so much mind them playing in it as I do the fact that they move it out of my reach when I am ready to get back into it!!

    But what annoys me to all ends is when I'm sitting in my chair doing something and someone walks up behind me and moves my chair!!! I feel like my personal space is being invaded!! They would never move a normal chair with an AB in it, but they feel since your chair rolls they have the right to move it!! AAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!

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    Guess I"m a little late on this topic, but it amused me to read the responses, so I"m chiming in now. I have sat in and used my partner's wheelchair - sometimes it's necessary, especially if she's in the hospital. We realized it was essential for me to be able to learn how to drive her Jazzy so if I had to I wouldn't wreck it. She doesn't have a problem with me in it, but while others are invited to just sit in it if we need an extra chair at home, they are cordially uninvited to actually use it. As someone said, those things cost a FORTUNE! She gets very twitchy if her chair is moved away from her when she's in the hospital - as she says, that chair is her legs and how would they like it if someone moved took their legs away?

    I remember, many years ago, when she had a scooter in addition to her wheelchair. She'd rarely used it - turned out to be more of a hassle than a help. One day we were supposed to go to an arts and craft show down the street from our house. She was very tired and decided to stay home and sleep, but didn't want me to miss it and told me to go and let me use the scooter. Now I definitely did NOT go to this fair intending to pretend to be disabled, nor did I, but I found out very quickly that people were making that assumption cause I was in the scooter. At first I was embarrassed feeling like I"d played a trick without meaning to when folks started scrambling to help me. I didn't know what to say. Eventually I decided it was giving me a unique perspective on what life is like for my partner. Some people look away, some bash you in the head with their purses or bags, some go overboard to be helpful and kind. Yeah, it was only for an hour or so, but every little bit of insight I can gain into what my partner deals with 24/7 helps me know more about what life in a chair is like.

    Interesting topic.

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    Some interesting replies here.. thanks for giving me some insight. I still haven't sat in the chair. But, I plan to one of these days... I bet I wreck it first thing (and it's a manual chair)...

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    nicci, i have sat in his chair a few times, it still feels very odd to me. i dont make a big deal of it, i just do it.

    what i did do though was when we were at the medical supply place i got into a demo chair and fooled around, wow i never realized wheelies were so hard!


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