I think the responses here are interesting. It is fun to see the perspectives from all directions ...Nicci this was a great question...

Many years ago I was the girlfriend of a guy in a chair. I sat in it now and again, but was usually gingerly careful because we were at school and if it broke it just complicated issues for him. I did make an attempt on a hill once too, and wiped out to my embarassment, and was content to leave that skill to him from then on.

As a nurse I would never sit in a patient's wheelchair, nor would I sit in transport chairs or rehab chairs. I agree with KLD that in the relationship of nurse to patient that WOULD be rude. In the personal relationships of friends and lovers, and parents and children....it is all a decision that the chair owner gets to make.

Nicci there is nothing weird about it either way...sitting in it or not. Just be sure he is ok with it.

AND MADDDY.....AS FOR YOU.....sigh....LOL...behave yourself!!!

Miss M