Don't do it! I was always leary to use others' crutches and etc throughout my life so naturally sitting in someone's wheelchair wasn't something I wanted to do. When I was in college I did landscaping and of everything I'd ever done in life I felt it was my calling. I could be my own boss, express my creativity, work outside, see my accomplishments at the end of each day.... I could go on, and on, but back to the subject. I took a job for an older gentleman who was confined to a wheelchair. I not only did the original job, but sort of became his handyman as I liked him and he liked my work-ethic and my cost, as I always charged him little. Anyway, even though his wife disliked it, he loved to be in his truck and ride through his fields which were now tended by his neighbor. I'd pick him up, put him in the seat and away he'd go. He used an old cane to push the accelerator and brake, but truly only idled around. One day it began pouring rain and he idled up to a stop near the barn, which was far from his powerchair. I thought little of it and began driving it over to the truck by walking beside it and using the control. He rolled down the window and basically barked at me to sit in it, put it in high gear and to hurry or his seat would be soaked. I didn't want to sit in the damn thing, but I didn't want his seat and etc being wet either so I did. I'll never forget the feeling that went through my body immediately upon sitting in that chair. Afterwards he reminded me, as he often did, how I should appreciate my legs because there was nothing like them, etc, etc. That was on a Friday afternoon around 3. I drove home that night, and had my accident Sunday at around 3. I've been in a chair every since. That old man, Mr Dewit, traveled with his wife the 6 hrs to visit me and could hardly even talk to me through his tears. I still think of the feeling I had when I sat in his chair.