I was curious if any others out there monkeyed with RC vehicles for fun.

I bought myself 2 helis (ones a beginners one more for indoors (Esky Lama v4), the other is a more advanced one for outdoors (Esky Belt CP)) and a plane (E-flite Funtana 300) this summer. My gf laughed at me and rolled her eyes when I said I was getting them, but what can I say, I'm a big kid at heart. I've found them a load of fun... but quad hands (C5 incomplete) make controlling them tricky at times.... but I was surprised how well I could fly them... and how much fun I got out of using them.

I've flown the helis more thusfar cause I can do it solo cause I find if you crash them it happens close to you were you can go pick up the pieces LOL (not 100 feet out into a grass field)... tho the planes been really fun the little I've flown it. The guy who's my attendant has been into RC planes for years so he got me hooked and we go out and fly the plane some mornings together with his plane too.

So I was curious if anyone else had RCs out there... and if so, what??

Those without whom are interested should try it... its actually pretty doable even as a quad. Download a try RealFlight v4 demo for the PC to get an idea of flying planes/helis....

This is me with my outdoor heli... the 2nd time flying it.... not doing great but ok for a 2nd flight.... after about 30+ flights now I can hover it in control now, move it around slowly in all directions (drifting in control) and do a little slow forward flight... had 2 crashes so far... a little repair and $25 in parts was the only fix-it costs.....