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Thread: 12 hours of Sebring

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    12 hours of Sebring

    My husband is having one of those special decade birthday's this next year and he enjoys racing. Does anyone have any experience with this race (12 hours of Sebring) and/or track? How are the accomadations around there? I asked about reserved seating and they have a Pit Box for us(handicapped). Would it be worth the money ($200) for a Pit Box?

    Thank you for your help.


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    Hello Momo,

    I was at the 12 hrs of Sebring back in 78, I worked for the then promoter, Charles Mendez. Sebring has a great track and I am sure you know the race is the oldest in USA. I had a blast, met Brian Redman and a few others. I have great photos and wish I had a scanner, am in process of looking for one, I'd show you pics. It was a good time for sure.

    Sebring is a great ol' Florida cracker town and has grown and changed since I was there. I also lived in Avon Park in 75-76, back in the day. I love this part of the state. As far as accommodations I know there are a few new hotels in the area. My suggestion is to do a search on Expedia or other site for best buys with HC accessible rooms and book asap because they will go fast. I'd also go for the pit box seats too.

    Central FLa is a great place to visit in March and the weather is stellar.


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