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    Brown Sequard

    I am a 2.5 year post, level T-7, T-8 hoping to share my road to recovery experience with others.

    Would like to learn from others that are rehabilitating and working toward their recovery goals.

    Originally wheel chair bound, I have graduated to walking with the assistance of bioness 300 and a cane.

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    Hi kelrod. I am two years and three weeks post inury. I am a C-4, C-5 incomplete and am walking with canes. I also have Brown Sequard Syndrome. Would love to talk about everything recovery related. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Hello AK,

    Glad to know you're up and walking. I reside in Michigan and work with my P.T. 3 days a week at the Rehabilitation Inst. of Michigan.

    Regaining the use of my left foot while walking without the assistance of a orthosis is one my top priorities.

    What type of restrictions do you have? and what excercises are you currently engaged in?

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    I am going to move this to the exercise and recovery forum as it is not really a New SCI topic. Glad you have joined us!!


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    My left side is also weaker than my right. I am lucky in that I have inervation to everything. I don't have any restrictions - guess I am not exactly sure what you mean by that. I have PT 5 days a week and OT 2 days a week, plus I try to work out on my own as many days a week as I can. That can be difficult as I work full time in a job that requires a significant amount of extra hours. But, I can drive on my own so I get myself evrywhere I need to go. I am engaged in just about every exercise you can imagine. My primary mode of cardio exercise is an ellyptical.

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    By restrictions I meant partial or limited use of the weaker side affected.

    It's great that you enjoy a great amount of independence. Sounds as though you are well on your way to complete recovery.

    I am very fortunate to have the ability to drive as well.

    Another challenge I have is improving my propioception/balance while walking. Did you have this problem?

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