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Thread: Selling new Emotion Power Assist Wheels

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    Thumbs up Selling new Emotion Power Assist Wheels

    Emotion Power Assist Wheels-$3,500.00 comes with axle and anti tip bars Battery Charger, Two set of Batteries, 24' wheels, pneumatic-standard air tires, Used only a few times. Information on Emotion wheels at . This website also has which wheelchairs the emotion wheels will work with.

    These wheels dramatically increase push strength and help you to increase stamina during the day. Hills? no problem these babies can fly. Speeds are adjustable.

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    That's a great deal for these wheels, as the extra set of batteries alone + anti-tippers costs $1500!

    Someone should snatch these up.

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    Any interest in selling any of the parts separately?

    Like one of the pairs of extra batteries?

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    Possibly. I might sell the extra batteries for $1000 let me know if your interested.

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    Do you by chance still have these? If so, how long have you had the wheels? I am looking for a pair with the anti-tips. Are the handrims plastic coated?

    Thank you,

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    I have a used pair I'm looking to get rid of. They need new batteries and charger needs to be repaired but otherwise they work just fine. I'm asking $1000 if you or anyone else is interested.
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