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    a loss

    we live on 2 acres inside the city. we have been loving a stray beagle this past week. so many people dump off dogs, i'll never understand that mentality. he was so full of life and especially love. he was about a year, i think, and hungry. he got lots of food and loved curling up in my lap- i know he was too big for that, but now i am so glad i held him often. a visitor to our house ran him over this evening. he died in my arms on the way to the emergency clinic. i feel so bad. i think whenever something bad happens it just brings out all the old traumas of our lives. life is so dammed cruel sometimes. debra

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    Aw, Deb, I'm sorry. I'm at a loss for words, but know how you feel. Animals get to our hearts in ways we can't imagine, and when stupid, senseless things happen to them, sometimes it's even harder to deal with. Be thankful that you were able to bring a little joy into that puppy's life for the short time he was with you.

    A few years ago, my boss asked us in the office if anyone would be willing to adopt a 19 year old cat who belonged to her uncle, who had just passed away. My boss was a real animal lover, and said if no one could take him, he'd have to be put down. As she had a dog who was a real cat-hater, she couldn't adopt him herself. She told us the cat was in pretty bad shape; had only been fed sporadically by the home health nurses whenever they remembered. Well, I went home and told hubbie about it, and we agreed to take in 'Muffin'.

    Now, Muffin was the very epitome of a curmudgenly old man - stone deaf, with a meow like gravel, terribly weak and dehydrated. We put him in a room by himself (we had 3 cats ourselves, and wanted to do the 'intros' gradually), and fed him prescription food the vet gave us. Over 1-2 weeks, he got stronger, and met all the other cats in the house, we allowed him the freedom of the house; the other cats kind of just shook their heads in amazement at him.

    Then, one day, he happened to glance up at the 100 gallon tank we had in the living room that housed our iguana; well. He went nuts, jumping up on his hind legs; you could just imagine him saying to himself, 'why, I've never seen ANYTHING like this before!' He was more active than we'd ever seen him.

    That night, he ate his dinner, and went to a corner of our bedroom and died that night. We felt that having seen the iguana, he just felt his life was complete!

    We were grateful that we had the opportunity to provide this elderly gent a healthy peaceful home during his last three weeks of life, and carry such fond memories of him with us.

    Take care, and give that brother a hug for me!


    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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