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    I have noticed a need for volunteers to visit with and help isolated quads and other disabled people. My husband doesnt need "caregiving" but it is something that I could really donate several hours a week to. I used to be in home health a few years ago but dont want a job. I live in houston texas, any ideas where I could go to offer my time????????


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    Wish you lived in Indiana! From experience, you might try your local church. A lot of people go there for help. Also, just talk to everyone you can. You might be amazed at how many people could use your help, but don't ask.

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    Church is a good place to start for most volunteering I have noticed, But I am not part of a church and dont really want to get involved with one either.

    There has to be something, its such a great need I think!


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    are there any rehab places in houston? you might try contacting a hospital with a rehab unit and go thru the volunteer services department. if you know of any support groups thru independent living, that may also be a starting point.

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    Do you have a NSCIA chapter in your area? Does it have a peer counseling program? If not, why don't you start one? Having a family member who can talk to new injury families while the injured person is still in the ICU is invaluable. You could certainly include this with "friendly visits" to people who are homebound or in nursing homes as well. This is so needed, as most health care professionals are clueless and often given the wrong information or advice.

    If you are not interested in NSCIA, I know there is an active PVA chapter in Houston. They are often looking for volunteers to do visits with hospitalized SCI veterans, help with recreation therapy activities, and sometimes community visits. For example, our local chapter makes Santa Claus and Easter Bunny visits (in wheelchairs) to disabled children and special education classes at local schools. They need volunteer help for this program.


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    The VA is good, those people can get lonely especially on weekdays. TIRR is there also.

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