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Thread: Turning Thought into Action

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    Turning Thought into Action

    this must be very interesting to read the whole article by is pay per view, but even if I do pay I still cannot post it here.

    Turning Thought into Action

    Leigh R. Hochberg, M.D., Ph.D.

    Patients with spinal cord injury, subcortical stroke, neuromuscular diseases (including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and limb amputation have at least two characteristics in common: a brain that wants to direct movement and a body that fails to respond accordingly. Despite intact cortical function, central motor commands in persons with these paralyzing disorders are "disconnected" from their targets, with the neural impulses of intended movement unacknowledged by the downstream central or peripheral nervous system. Pharmacologic, cellular (including stem-cell), and other therapies are designed to repair the injury on-site, but what if the lesion could simply be bypassed, thereby providing a new pathway . . . [Full Text of this Article]

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    Im Back

    WHATS UP EVERYBODY I KNOW IVE BEEN GONE FOR A MIN BUT LONG story. ive had a bad UTI. computer caught a virus

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