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Thread: paralized victim will die sooner deserves less money

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    paralized victim will die sooner deserves less money

    City Claims Ferry Crash Victim Will Die Sooner, Deserves Less Money
    from gothamist
    Nearly five years after the Staten Island Ferry crash, victims are still fighting with the city over settlements. And in one case, the city claims James McMillan Jr., a 44-year-old who was paralyzed, will die in 16 years, not 30 years, so the settlement should only cover 16 years. He is under 24-hour-care and his lawyer said he'll live a long life with proper care, "The city paralyzed him, and now they're saying that he is going to die young because of the damage they caused. They're turning a personal-injury case into a wrongful-death case." A juries were recently selected for McMillan's case as well as the case of a crash victim who died
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    I feel this is brought on by ambulance chasing lawyers. There is a commercial in my area with a scenario of "Amy" who was paralyzed by a drunk driver. The person responsible for putting her in a wheelchair for life, reducing her life quality should pay, and "Dewey Sewum and Howe" will get her what she is due.
    This kind of legal wrangling is a double edge sword, and in the the Staten Island case, the city is using the edge that the ambulance chasers have been sharpening.
    I don't agree with either side of the sword. For the most part, YOU decide what your quality of life is. If someone injures someone else, accidently or by negligence (sp) they should pay.
    Thanks for getting me riled up!
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