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  • did you cry out in anger

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  • did you look to heaven for an answer

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Thread: 9/11 what did you do? where were you?

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    I have a friend who was working at Logan Airport in Boston that morning. She called me to tell me to put on the television and tell HER what was being said as one of the planes had gone off the radar track. At that point she was thinking another plane hijacked perhaps, but certainly not what was to come. A few minutes later it crashed into the twin towers. It is one of life's irony's that she was watching the radar screen and I was telling her the images on the television. A day we will never forget.......

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    I was at work. We were all in the doctor's lounge watching the TV when the second plane hit. I kept my mom on speaker phone all day long so I could hear what was being said on the TV. I will never forget the feelings of hopelessness and sorrow I felt that day.
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    I went and joined the military so i could have a hand in stopping these bastards.

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    I was at home on maternity leave with my first daughter and cried the whole day, wondering what kind of world I had brought her into?

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    Wife and I were in surgery prep room, I was to have a hernia surgery that day.

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    I was in my first round of college and living in the dorm. As I did most mornings before class, I turned on the news. At that time, the first plane had hit and they were wondering what happened. The second plane hit a few minutes later and everything continued on as we all know.

    I stayed by the TV until the last minute I could leave for class. The first tower had just collapsed, the second one did on my way up to the classroom building. The day wasn't spent on studies, mainly reflections and stories by classmates and updates from those that had seen a TV.

    The campus I lived on was near an airport, and therefore usually filled with such noises. It seemed very strange to go back to my dorm after class and not hear the usual sounds. I pretty well spent the next week glued to the news stations and getting any information I could.

    I've heard it said that those who were around when JFK was shot remember what they were doing and where. This will be the modern equivalent and something that won't, and shouldn't, be forgotten too quickly.
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    My mother woke me up before leaving for work that morning to see what was happening. Later that evening, I went to visit friends.

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    I was working in downtown Atl. at Ga. State University. Had the radio on when they broadcast that what they thought was a small aircraft hitting one of the towers. Second plane hit and they confirmed it to be a much larger aircraft so my crew and myself evacuated downtown and headed for the office. There we were able to see on tv what had happened. Immediately called my g/f and told her to leave work as she worked in the tallest building in Atl. Went to my parents and watched the news like most everyone probly did.

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    I was working and as soon I realized what happend I called my friends who worked at Water Tower and Sears Tower .Damn was a very sad day .
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    I was at work shocked and sickened at what was going on also fearing my son would join the military when he saw what happened when he got to school. He was in he's second year of college for sports medicine, and what did he do???? fears came true.

    We had a TV in the break room and I let all my employees come and go to see what was going on. We also set up the raido to the news channel to hear what was going on. The next day we shut down completely.
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