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  • did you stay home with your family

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  • did you go to church and hold hands with a stranger

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  • did you stand in line and give your own blood

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  • did you cry out in anger

    3 7.50%
  • did you just sit down and cry

    10 25.00%
  • did you look to heaven for an answer

    4 10.00%
  • were you teaching kids

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  • did you notice the sunset

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  • did you buy a gun

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Thread: 9/11 what did you do? where were you?

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    9/11 what did you do? where were you?

    from the alan jackson song:

    a tribute: warning, some explicit pictures/video (plane crash in wtc)
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    My husband and I were still dating long distance at the time. He called me from Nebraska and woke me up at about 6 am or so Pacific time and I turned the TV on and watched what unfolded for the next couple of hours. First from home and then from work. I took a small TV to the office with me. At one point I was worried that Los Angeles would be attacked as it seemed for a moment there like major, US cities were under siege. When the towers collapsed, I literally cried out in shock and sorrow. It was totally unexpected and emotionally devastating. I can only imagine what people living in other countries, other cities that have been involved in war and civil conflict for years or even decades must go through. Americans have been so very lucky to have never been attacked on our own soil in oh-so many years.

    Minor point: I have a friend who commutes on a weekly basis from LA to Boston. His regular flight is American Airlines #11. A scheduling conflict with a client meant he was not on that flight on that day. Thank the gods.


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    i am from cyprus...that day i was in the army and we were wondering what really happen...

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    We were all at home since I was on a layoff due to plant retooling. We spent a few days in hell looking for my brother who was on vacation in New York and Washington DC for two weeks. We didn't hear from him and knew that if he could have, he would have called home. The early news showed people jumping out of the towers one after another. That was more real to us than anything else we had seen that day. We called everywhere we could think to call to try and locate my brother. Hotels on his itinerary, bus companies for route/ passenger information, Amtrak...nothing. Just when we started to get really scared, he got through to us from Boston where he had gone for an unscheduled side trip. (Can he pick his cities, or what?) He bought a beater and drove home to Portland, Oregon not knowing when the airlines would start flying again and if he could get a seat.

    I never let my family plan any vacations for us. My two sisters have the luck like my brother does. They chose to go to Mexico two different times and both ended up getting caught in separate hurricanes. Then there are the fishing trips with a volcano, earthquakes in LA, being on the top of the Eiffel tower when police with automatic weapons storm the top deck and tell everyone to get off etc. If you want to be safe on vacation, just ask where any member of my family will be and then dont go there. I do.

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    I was at work, kids at school. Since my husband was in the Military, I left and picked my kids up and went home. He ended up having to leave for quite some time.

    Something that will be etched in my mind forever.
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    I was AB at that time and at work when my ex-husband called me from his bus he took to New York everyday he saw the plane go into the towers. I lost 2 cousins 1 who was 8 months preg. All i did was sit down and hug my family and cry.
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    I turned on the tv to start my day and that was when the second plane hit the tower. I couldnt believe what I was seeing and was in total shock. The first thought that came to mind was the people.
    Here is a video that comes to my mind when I think of 9-11

    Stay safe my son. See you around thanksgiving!

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    i was in iraq, driving my truck for one Croatian company. i have seen alot of happy faces when that happend. i did not know if i'm going to stay alive or not.

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    Watching a morning news program as I often do drinking my coffee getting ready for work .... and then it happened ... even to this day I can't actually believe I saw what I saw .... ! I still weep remembering it ... did it have to happen for us to understand what so many live with everyday of their lives ... so many questions .... so much sorrow .... so many innocents touched by it .....

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    I was watching the towers burn from my house.

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