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    Hi Art, Welcome! It's a very helpful bunch of people here and I'm sure you'll be able to find support for any issues or questions you have.

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    Welcome to the club nobody wants to join! It is awesome for support and info! Don't hesitate to ask anything or give anyone (myself included) a shout - we gotta stick together in this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinpatrick
    Welcome to the club nobody wants to join!
    so true

    i too live in CA (central valley) i am 7 days from my 1 yr anniversary. good luck to you and drop me a line if u have any questions or just wanna chat.

    I have a spinal cord injury...a spinal cord injury DOES NOT have me!

    walking quad-Central Cord Syndrome

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    Welcome Art. Are you playin b-ball already? I played for 38 or so yrs, upright.Haven't got to try the wheelchair thing, don't have a b-ball chair, and been to busy w/ rehab and fishing.Nice lokin lady, lucky guy, and congrats on engagement. This IS THE place to be for support and info. Straight from the horesesesss mouths so to speak Guy(a yr out Aug 27)

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    Welcome, Art! HOLLER!

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    Hi Art!

    Welcome to CC.


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    Hi Art,

    Welcome to the playground!!
    Be yourself!!!
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    Welcome, welcome, welcome! It sucks to have to be here, but it's a great place to be. My husband goes to sci-fit too. Maybe you know him.

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    Welcome to CC Art. Post often

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