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Nerve Surgery Leaves Woman With Feeling in an Arm That Isn't There
'Bionic Woman': Claudia Mitchell Regained Sensation in Missing Arm
Sept. 8, 2008

Claudia Mitchell may look like your average 20-something college student. She is anything but.

Claudia Mitchell feels sensations in the hand she is missing thanks to an innovative surgery.
(Nelli Black)
As a result of an experimental surgery, Mitchell has become the first real "Bionic Woman": part human, part computer.

Mitchell's bionic life began in 2004 with a ride on a friend's motorcycle. The bike suddenly spun out of control, and Mitchell's left arm was severed by a highway divider. After her doctor's attempts to reattach the arm proved unsuccessful, she was outfitted with a standard prosthetic arm.

Mitchell thought that her new prosthesis would make her life return to normal. But it didn't work. Her amputation was almost at her shoulder, which made the prosthetic arm all but impossible for her to control.

"It just sat on the shelf. It didn't do anything," Mitchell said.

Ready to Try Anything
She grew depressed, thinking she would have to spend the rest of her life with one arm, unable to perform even the most basic tasks. What saved her was a tiny article about an experimental nerve surgery.

The "targeted reinnervation" surgery was developed by Dr. Todd Kuiken of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. It was a radical idea: a robotic arm controlled not by a patient's stump or shoulder, but by a patient's thoughts.