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Thread: How do we reach common ground?

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    How do we reach common ground?

    I came across this girl today, and she's got me wondering.


    She and I, are both in need of scientific progress - but we very much disagree on how political views and religion should influence this field.

    Dr. Wise. I understand that a huge stemcell summit is coming up, I've been thinking if there is a possibility that you and your colleagues could formulate and agree upon, some kind of scientist statement towards what the people who works in this field, consider, well, the right direction in stem cell research?

    I mean, is there a way to tell the public what the best minds in the world think of ESC research right now?

    It appears to be a genuine opportunity to get rid of a lot of the confusion
    that pollutes this promising research.


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    Wonder if she will go to Russia for adult stem cell therapy? Poor kid.

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