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Thread: Cell Regeneration Is Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by patricks
    For some thats what life is currently like
    Is worst. With my head in a jar, i wouldn´t have a useless crappy body to see every day till i die.
    -Ramps in buildings are necessary, but it would be usefull to have another ones for people (mind/heart).....

    -Hoc non pereo habebo fortior me

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    Discourage info about unsuitable of using stem cells then the recovery of complex system is need.
    For example. The cerebellum consist of many types of cells, more of that, to connect for other cells or brain parts cerebellum use the bridges (IMHO!) and all of its damaged with some degenerate deseases. I think regeneration possible only in vivo (in live brain), and can't imagine how to recovery "sandwich" cerebellum.

    The main question is the medicine or science imagine theoretically how does it can to do? I can't any info about this, except for:
    Introduced into embryos, some of these multipotent cells integrate seamlessly into the developing host nervous system, producing neurons and glia in vivo.Transplanted into more mature hosts, these cells respond to as yet unknown endogenous factors expressed during phases of active neurodegeneration in the CNS by migrating and differentiating specifically to repopulate damaged regions. This has been observed in a number of settings, including hypoxic-ischemic brain injury, spinal motor neuron degeneration, neuronal apoptosis in the neocortex, & cerebellar degeneration
    I think this is key of cure in future - the brain samself recovery, if we can help him with material (for example neuronal esc).

    I can't imagine how it can do by hands of human. It's impossible i think, only if adult brain can rebuld as develop embryo.

    Please, comment.

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