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Thread: Book to promote cure - need your help

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    Book to promote cure - need your help

    To all caregivers,

    I am about 80% complete on writing a book about the truth about SCI. My goal in writing this book is to educate the general public on the devastation of a SCI not only for the person injured but family and friends as well. This will not be a feel good look how strong we are book. It will deal with the initimate, embarrasing, horrifying side affects of SCI. My primary goal is to get public support on finding a cure. Part of the book deals with how SCI changes the dynamics of the family unit especially when a family member is the primary caregiver. If you would like to contribute your thoughts and feelings please email me at

    Thanks for your support,


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    Deb, I have a journal I kept during Matt's acute care stay; you've given me the impetus to go back to it, and do some writing from it. I'll be in touch! Jackie

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    I think it's a great idea for a book. The public needs to be "educated" about living with SCI. I am sorry I cannot contribute to it as I never really became a Caregiver. As a new entrant into the world of SCI I did not realize, until I started reading (on this wonderful site and in other related literature) all about the multiple facets of both living as and with SCI, the complexities, agonies and triumphs of this "life-style". From talking with my friends about SCI I know that very few people have any inclination about the challenges facing all involved. It would be good for the "General Public" to learn.
    Good luck, and if I can help, in any way, please let me know.
    Thank you for your kind words and support.

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